Cabrio Plus Fungicide

Introducing an innovation in crop protection from BASF. Cabrio® Plus fungicide combines the disease control and Plant Health benefits of the active ingredient in Headline® fungicide (FRAC code 11) with a second mode of action. Driven also by metiram, this second mode of action (FRAC code M3) helps stop diseases in their tracks. As a result, Cabrio Plus is especially effective against a broad spectrum of diseases, including black dot, early blight, late blight and powdery mildew. It also provides you with a tool to manage resistance and makes an excellent rotational partner with Endura® fungicide. Make sure your potatoes get the protection they deserve with Cabrio Plus.

How It Works

Cabrio Plus features two active ingredients that provide excellent disease control and resistance management in one product. The first ingredient, pyraclostrobin, inhibits respiration in the mitochondria. The second, metiram, disrupts many different cell processes. Overall, the multisite activity of these two ingredients reduces the risk of resistance development.

Labeled Crops

All Varieties of Potatoes.

Problems Controlled

Black dot
Early blight
Late Blight
Powdery mildew
White mold