Caramba Fungicide

Caramba® fungicide delivers best-in-class head scab suppression. Delivering premium performance as well as control of late-season foliar diseases, Caramba fungicide has next-generation active ingredients to help you bring in a healthier, bigger harvest.

How It Works

Caramba fungicide is a highly effective fungicide containing the active ingredient metconazole, resulting in significant yield protection and reductions of deoxynivalenol (DON) levels in grain. It is not only effective on head scab, but provides control of late-season foliar diseases as well.

Head scab is the most destructive wheat disease that growers face, making grain unmarketable, reducing yield and test weight and increasing levels of DON. Wheat growers that applied Caramba fungicide saw a 9+ bushel per acre advantage over untreated acres, as well as lower DON levels than the competition.*  

Caramba fungicide is applied at the beginning of flowering for optimum suppression and is labeled for use on barley, oats, rye, sugarbeets, triticale and wheat. “We don’t even test side by side anymore. The 50 (wheat) acres we leave are always disappointing, so we go to 100 percent on it.  We will definitely be using Caramba (on our wheat) in the future.”

- Casey Decker, Southeast North Dakota

*Data compiled from 2009–2012 BASF-sponsored trials (46) in: OK, KS, MO, NE, MT, MD, NY, KY, TN, AR, VA, SD, MI, LA. Caramba fungicide 13.5 fl. oz./A.

Labeled Crops

Barley, oats, rye, triticale, wheat

Problems Controlled

Black point

Leaf blotch

Net blotch

Powdery mildew



Septoria leaf and glume blotch

Tan spot

Suppression Only

   Head scab

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