Color Coat Liquid Seed Colorant

This convenient seed conditioner and colorant from BASF helps growers identify treated seed, minimize planting error and prevent confusion with untreated seed. It can be used to differentiate seed technologies, such as herbicide or insecticide resistance.

How It Works

Color Coat™ is a water-based, low viscosity solution with neutral pH that offers convenience and easy cleanup. Available in a variety of colors – add a distinctive appearance to seed that can be used as a branding tool.

Size, shape, texture or color of seed will not affect performance:

  • Rough seed texture: Variety of solutions for a smooth appearance
  • Unappealing seed color: Helps achieve the perfect look
  • Small seed size: Helps improve plantability and dust control
  • Irregular seed shape: Helps achieve optimum application coverage

Labeled Crops

Corn, wheat/rice, soybean, canola, sunflower, alfalfa, cotton, vegetables, sorghum, edible beans/peas, turf/forage grasses.