Fastac® CS Insecticide

Fastac® CS Insecticide gives growers an effective new tool from BASF with excellent knockdown and residual all in a new formulation resulting in an enhanced handling experience. It works on a broad spectrum of piercing-sucking and chewing insect pests, including aphids, stink bugs, beetles, and caterpillars. It’s also very cost-efficient because it tank-mixes with fungicides like Priaxor® fungicide. Field trials show that, when used as part of a comprehensive pest management program, Fastac® CS insecticide can help maximize yield potential.

How It Works

By acting on the nervous system of insects, the active ingredient in Fastac® CS insecticide, alpha-cypermethrin, sustains stimulation of the nerve impulses which leads to over stimulation, exhaustion and death of the insect. Fastac® CS insecticide will control a broad-spectrum of crop damaging pests, including aphids, beetles, caterpillars and stink bugs. Fastac® CS insecticide also boasts a low-dose rate and broad-crop label, which includes both row and specialty crops.

Fastac® CS insecticide is an encapsulated pyrethroid with a caution signal word meaning enhanced handling for both growers and applicators. So as a non-skin sensitizer, Fastac® CS insecticide, reduces problematic “pyrethroid” itch in the event of an inadvertent exposure.  

*Fastac® CS may be applied in tank mixtures with other products approved for use on alfalfa, Brassica vegetables (except leafy Brassica greens), corn, cotton, fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables, legume vegetables, root and tuber vegetables, sorghum, soybeans, tree nuts and wheat. Observe all restrictions and precautions which appear on the labels of these products. Test for compatibility of products before mixing.

Fastac® CS is a Restricted Use Pesticide.

Always read and follow label directions.

Labeled Crops

Fastac® CS is labeled on over 150 crops, including the following:
Brassica vegetables (except leafy Brassica greens)
Citrus fruits
Corn, field
Corn, pop
Corn, seed
Corn, sweet
Fruiting vegetables
Leafy vegetables
Legume vegetables
Root and tuber vegetables
Sorghum (and other cereals)
Sugar beets
Tree nuts


Problems Controlled

Fastac® CS insecticide is labeled for over 100 pests, see label for a full list.