Headline AMP Fungicide

The success of your corn crop depends on its capacity to fend off diseases and withstand extreme weather conditions, including unseasonably warm nights and drought which can negatively affect plant productivity and growth efficiency. To combat these conditions, use a preventive application of Headline AMP® fungicide to help control tough diseases, improve overall Plant Health by enhancing stress tolerance and harvestability, and improve nitrogen uptake, stalk strength and standability.

How It Works

Reaching maximum yield potential can be compromised by hot and dry weather. Under extreme stress, plants are likely to produce the hormone ethylene, which causes the plant to shed leaves, pods and flowers used to protect it. This can lead to kernel loss and ear abortion. Depending on the severity of the conditions, yield loss can range from 5–10 percent to total loss.

Research shows that a proactive treatment of Headline AMP fungicide can:

  • Prevent diseases and inhibit established diseases from spreading
  • Improve overall Plant Health benefits
  • Increase yield potential
  • Promote efficient use of nitrogen
  • Enhance harvestability and stress tolerance

Get More Bushels per Acre With Headline AMP Fungicide
Headline AMP fungicide delivers more bushels of corn than any other fungicide by enabling corn to grow more efficiently, resulting in maximum grain production. It supplies proven Plant Health benefits and provides powerful control of the most troublesome diseases that attack corn. Recent field tests show that Headline AMP fungicide can boost potential yields better than any other fungicide.*

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Labeled Crops

Corn – all types

Problems Controlled

Headline AMP provides powerful, broad-spectrum control of the following diseases that target corn.

Gray leaf spot
Northern corn leaf blight
Physoderma brown spot
Southern corn leaf blight
Yellow leaf blight

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