Headline AMP Fungicide

Headline AMP fungicide delivers more bushels of corn than any other fungicide by enabling corn to grow more efficiently, resulting in maximum grain production. It supplies proven Plant Health benefits and provides powerful control of the most troublesome diseases that attack corn. With Headline AMP fungicide, you can maximize the potential in every plant.

How It Works

Superior disease control

Headline AMP fungicide provides two modes of disease control. The first helps prevent diseases and the second is a best-in-class triazole that provides post-infection disease control.

Unmatched Plant Health benefits
One of the active ingredients in Headline AMP fungicide is F500®, a unique, advanced chemistry that delivers well-documented Plant Health benefits. F500 helps plants grow more efficiently and allows them to focus their energy on producing higher potential yields.

Discover the benefits of a two-spray program on corn.
In fields that are especially disease-prone or fields that are managed on a corn-on-corn, no-till or minimum-till basis, many growers have had improved results with a pre-tassel application of Priaxor® fungicide followed by an application of Headline AMP fungicide between VT and R2. Priaxor fungicide applied pre-tassel helps provide early-season disease control and protects the lower part of the plant. This application can also be cost-efficient because you can tank-mix with your post-herbicide to make one pass in the field. Applying Headline AMP fungicide at tassel allows for excellent control of late-season diseases while providing excellent Plant Health benefits which enable the plant to utilize all of its resources for grain fill, resulting in maximum yields. This two-spray solution is especially effective in specific conditions, including:

  • High plant populations
  • Continuous corn
  • High residue
  • History of corn disease
  • Disease-sensitive hybrids

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Labeled Crops

Corn – all types

Problems Controlled

Headline AMP provides powerful, broad-spectrum control of the following diseases that target corn.

Gray leaf spot
Northern corn leaf blight
Physoderma brown spot
Southern corn leaf blight
Yellow leaf blight

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