Manticor LFR® In-Furrow Fungicide/Insecticide

Manticor™ LFR® in-furrow fungicide/insecticide is a complete, in-furrow product for protection against early season corn diseases and below-ground insect pests like corn root worm – in one, easy-to-use liquid fertilizer-ready (LFR) formulation.

How It Works

Manticor LFR in-furrow fungicide/insecticide combines the same active ingredients as in two industry-leading products – Headline® fungicide and Capture® LFR® insecticide. In addition to providing protection of the seed and young seedlings, F500, one of the active ingredients, provides longer protection and a larger zone of seedling protection.

  • Defends corn seedlings from early diseases and insect pressure
  • Provides more rapid and uniform establishment
  • Makes planting more simple and efficient

Defends Corn Seedlings from Early Diseases and Insect Pressure Manticor LFR in-furrow fungicide/insecticide help’s protect a grower’s valuable seed investment to help maximize yield potential. It provides increased stand survivability in unfavorable conditions typically found during early planting, and increased disease protection, providing complementary benefits in addition to standard seed treatments alone.

More Rapid and Uniform Establishment
By providing a zone of protection, Manticor LFR in-furrow fungicide and insecticide allows roots to grow to their full potential. Field trials have demonstrated that fields treated with Manticor LFR in-furrow fungicide and insecticide had an average of 500-900 more plants that were more uniform in emergence and vigor than untreated field or Headline and Capture LFR separately*.

Makes Planting More Simple and Efficient
Manticor LFR in-furrow fungicide and insecticide is an all-in-one formulation that allows growers to use the fertilizer of their choice. It mixes with water or starter fertilizer with no added equipment or compatibility agents.

Applied In-Furrow
When applied in-furrow on corn, Manticor LFR in-furrow fungicide and insecticide provides control of seedling fungal diseases, such as Rhizoctonia solani, and soil insect pests, such as corn rootworm larvae, wireworm, grubs, seedcorn maggot, cutworm and others that can damage corn seeds and seedlings.

Always read and follow label directions.

*2015 multi-location research.

Manticor is a trademark of BASF. Headline® is a registered trademark of BASF. Capture and LFR are registered trademarks of FMC Corporation.