Raptor Herbicide

There's no better choice for conventional soybeans than Raptor® herbicide. Raptor is a unique post-emergent herbicide designed for growers who prefer the yield potential and disease resistance of conventional soybean varieties.

How It Works

Always read and follow label directions.

Labeled Crops

Alfalfa, chicory, edible legumes, clover grown for seed and soybeans

Problems Controlled

Barley, volunteer
Brome, California
Brome, downy
Buckwheat, wild
Cereals, volunteer oat
Chickweed, common
Cupgrass, woolly*
Filaree, whitestem
Foxtail, giant
Jointed Goatgrass
Lambsquarters, common
Lettuce, miners
Mallow, common
Mallow, Venice
Millet, wild proso
Morningglory, entireleaf
Morningglory, ivyleaf

* suppression only

Morningglory, tall
Mustard spp.
Mustard, tumble
Nettle, burning
Nettleleaf goosefoot
Nightshade, black
Nightshade, Eastern black
Nightshade, hairy
Oats, volunteer
Panicum, fall
Pennycress, field
Pigweed, palmer amaranth
Pigweed, prostrate
Pigweed, redroot (carelessweed)
Pigweed, smooth
Pigweed, spiny
Purslane, common
Radish, wild
Ragweed, giant (buffaloweed)
Rocket, yellow
Ryegrass, Italian
Signalgrass, broadleaf
Smartweed, ladysthumb
Smartweed, Pennsylvania
Smartweed, swamp
Spurge, prostrate
Tansymustard, green
Thistle, Russian
Wild oats

Kochia - Raptor controls non-ALS-resistant kochia only

Lambsquarters - Raptor controls common lambsquarters at 4 oz/A east of the Rocky Mountains.