Respect Insecticide

Respect® insecticide protects your crops from annoying pests. Which means you get maximum protection and higher yield potentials out of every acre. It provides quick knockdown on a wide variety of cutworms, aphids, armyworms, beetles, leafhoppers and other chewing and piercing-sucking pests. And, perhaps best of all, it can be used for a variety of crops including soybeans, corn, cotton, wheat, alfalfa, sorghum, legumes fruiting, leafy and bulb vegetable crops, and sugarcane.

How It Works

Respect insecticide is a formulation of zeta-cypermethin and is applicable for a host of crops from soybeans to vegetables to tree nuts. It offers maximum protection from the most damaging pests including aphids, beetles and planthoppers.

Respect acts fast and tank-mixes well with a wide array of products. It can be easily applied and knocks down pests quickly providing farmers with maximum protection and yield potential.

Respect is a Restricted Use Pesticide.

Always read and follow label directions.

Labeled Crops

Soybeans, Tree Nuts, Sorghum (Grain) and Miller, Sugarcane, Wheat and Trittcale, Root and Tuber Vegetables, Legume Vegetables (Succulent and Dried), Fruiting Vegetables, Cotton, Corn, Sweet Corn, Field Corn, Head and Stem Brassica Vegetables, Leafy Brassica Greens, Nongrass Animal Feeds.

Problems Controlled

Alfalfa Caterpillars
Alfalfa Loopers
Alfalfa Weevils
Bean Leaf Beetles
Beet Armyworms
Black Pecan Aphids
Blister Beetles
Blue Alfalfa Aphids
Boil Weevils
Brown Stink Bugs
Cabbage Loopers
Cabbage Maggots
Cabbage Webworms
Celery Leaf Tier
Cereal Leaf Beetles
Central Leaf Beetles
Chinch Bugs
Codling Moths
Colorado Potato Beetles
Corn Earworms
Corn Rootworms (adult)
Corn Rootworm Beetles
Corn Silkflies
Cotton Aphids
Cotton Bollworms
Cotton Fleahoppers
Cotton Leaf Perforators
Cowpeas Curculios
Cucumber Beetles
Diamondback Moths
Egyptian Alfalfa Weevils (larvae and adult)
European Corn Borers
Fall Armyworms
False Chinch Bugs
Filbert Worms
Flea Beetles
Garden Webworms
Grass Sawflies
Green Cloverworms
Green Peach Aphids
Green Stink Bugs
Ground Beetles
Hickory Shuckworms
Hop Vine Borers
Imported Cabbageworms
Japanese Beetles (adult)
Leaf-footed Bugs
Leafminers (adult)
Leaf Skeletonizers
Lesser Cornstalk Borers
Lygus Bugs
Mexican Bean Beetles
Mexican Rice Borers
Navel Orangeworms
Oblique-banded Leatrollers
Pale Western Cutworms
Pea Weevils
Pea Leaf Weevils
Pecan Leaf Casebearers
Pecan Nut Casebearers
Pecan Phyloxeras
Pecan Weevils
Peach Twig Borers
Pepper Maggots (adult)
Pepper Weevils
Pink Bollworms
Plant Bugs
Potato Leafhoppers
Meadow Spittlebugs
Onion Thrips
Pea Aphids
Plant Bugs
Potato Leafhoppers
Red-necked Peanut Worms
Sap Beetles (adult)
Saltmarsh Caterpillars
Seedcorn Beetles
Seedcorn Maggots (adult)
Silverspotted Skippers
Sorghum Midges
Southern Armyworms
Southern Cabbageworms
Southern Corn Leaf Beetles
Southern Corn Rootworms (adult)
Southwestern Corn Borers
Soybean Aphids
Soybean Loopers
Soybean (banded) Thrips
Spotted Alfalfa Aphids
Stalk Borers
Sugarcane Borers
Tarnished Plant Bugs
Three-cornered Alfalfa Hoppers
Thristle Caterpillars (Painted Lady)
Tobacco Budworms
Tobacco Thrips
Tomato Fruitworms
Tomato Pinworms
Tomato Psyllids
True Armyworms
Vegetable Weevils
Velvetbean Caterpillars
Walnut Aphids
Walnut Husk Flies
Western Bean Cutworm
Wheat Stern Sawflies
Whitefringed Beetles (adult)
Wireworms (adult)
Woolybear Caterpillars
Yellow Pecan Aphids
Yellow-striped Armyworms