Rhizo-Flo® Soybean Granular Inoculant

A highly effective Soybean inoculant to boost yields. Rhizo-Flo® has been extensively tested and used globally.

How It Works

When Rhizo-Flo inoculated seeds are planted, the Rhizobium cells on the seed surface multiply and penetrate the young emerging root to form nodules which fix atmospheric nitrogen and convert it to ammonia. The ammonia is subsequently converted to amino acids and proteins by the plant, which improves crop yield and seed protein levels. 

Product Benefits

  • To guarantee maximum levels of N2-fixation 
  • Maximized yield potential, increased seed protein content and improved crop uniformity 
  • No need for N fertilizer 
  • Reduced weed pressure 
  • Scientifically selected strain with high activity & stress tolerance 
  • Easy application 
  • Long product shelf life– up to one year 
  • Cost effective for farmers, even in soils with a natural rhizobial population 
  • Decreased weed pressure 
  • Improved N status in soil for subsequent crop 

Always read and follow label directions.

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