Sercadis Fungicide

Sercadis® fungicide brings a unique mode of action to rice that provides long-lasting disease protection from sheath blight while delivering consistent performance.

How It Works

The active ingredient in Sercadis fungicide, Xemium® fungicide, offers a unique mode of action that binds tightly to plant leaves, forming rainfast reservoirs. The reservoirs distribute this advanced chemistry throughout plant leaves over time. This high level of mobility and distribution enables it to reach areas untouched by the initial application.

Sercadis fungicide also provides both preventive and post infection sheath blight control with long-lasting residual.

Help Prevent the Spread of Resistant Sheath Blight — Best Practices

  • Use conventional tillage practices in the fall or spring.
  • Pull levees and hold water on fields during the fall and winter.
  • Select the most resistant or tolerant varieties and hybrids.
  • Use recommended seeding rates and fertility management practices.
  • Clean equipment before transporting to another field.
  • Make timely fungicide applications using multiple modes of action.
  • Use the full labeled rate of the respective fungicides. Do not reduce fungicide rates.

Consult with your State Regulatory Agency regarding status of registration of Sercadis fungicide in your State.

Always read and follow label directions.

Labeled Crops


Problems Controlled

Rhizoctonia solani

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