Vault® HP plus Integral® for Soybeans Inoculant

For maximum nitrogen fixation and improved yield potential, grow with power-packed Vault® HP plus Integral® Biological Seed Treatment. More than just an inoculant, it’s formulated with rhizobia that’s produced fresh for each growing season, plus Integral biofungicide, all working together to improve your soybean yield potential. The result is improved root nodulation and nutrient uptake, leading to greater plant vigor.

How It Works

Vault HP plus Integral is a multi-component, yield-boosting seed treatment system for soybeans. It combines an EPA-registered biofungicide for added soil-borne disease protection with a rhizobial inoculant and performance-enhancing biological extender.

Fresh formulation for superior performance
Nitrogen-fixing rhizobia bacteria are living organisms, but their numbers are reduced over time in storage and from temperature variations. The rhizobia in Vault HP are produced fresh for each growing season to ensure superior performance in the field. With more rhizobia available through the product’s expiration date, Vault HP can outperform products that are dated out two years.

Vault HP plus Integral delivers...

  • Robust rhizobial inoculant
  • Minimum guaranteed count of 10 billion colony-forming units of rhizobia per milliliter guaranteed through expiration date — not just at the time the product was packaged
  • Highly effective and infective Bradyrhizobium japonicum produced fresh for each growing season for maximum quality and performance
  • A total application rate of just 2.0 fl. oz./CWT of seed for the Vault HP system

After planting, the patented rhizobia growth enhancer in Vault HP...

  • Works with rhizobia to stimulate root nodulation
  • Improves nodulation, delivering more nitrogen-fixation potential
  • Results in greater plant vigor

Powerful Integral biofungicide...

  • Extends suppression of yield-robbing Rhizoctonia and Fusarium fungal diseases
  • Complements other systemic fungicides to help promote better root structure and plant vigor
  • Improves nutrient uptake for added yield potential

Always read and follow label directions.

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Problems Controlled

Extended suppresion of Rhizoctonia and Fusarium.

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