Vault® Liquid plus Integral for Peanuts Inoculant

Vault® Liquid inoculant plus Integral® for peanuts is BioStacked® technology for improved nodulation, root vigor, nutrient uptake and reaching maximum yield potential.

How It Works

Vault Liquid plus Integral for peanuts is a multi-component, yield-boosting biological for enhanced peanut performance.

Applied in-furrow at planting, Vault Liquid peanut inoculant, with BioStacked technology delivers a robust rhizobial inoculant plus Integral biofungicide for enhance root vigor, nutrient uptake and suppression of Rhizoctonia and Fusarium root rot.

Packaging: 4x1.1 gallon per case. (Each 1.1 gal. unit treats approximately 10 acres of peanuts. One case treats approx. 40 acres.)

Always read and follow label directions.

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Problems Controlled

Soil/Seedling diseases

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