Crop Solutions


Resources for managing your crops for plant to harvest

Grow Smart Plots

Of all the ways you can grow your crops, your business and even your knowledge, there's no better way than to Grow Smart — a total experience combining our people, personalized plans, risk protection tools and product portfolios. And it's all geared toward one goal: helping you get the most, acre after acre, season after season. Our Grow Smart plots are showing great results, and we're excited to share those with you here.
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Advanced Weed Control

BASF offers an unmatched portfolio of herbicides with the most sites of action provided by any manufacturer. These flexible, effective herbicides can be combined into customized programs that can help you control tough weeds, grasses and the emerging generation of herbicide-resistant weeds.
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Plant Health

Disease Control and Plant Health is the process by which growers can enhance the overall health and productivity of their crops. A single active ingredient, F500®, which ignites a series of chemical interactions, triggers this process. The result of this process strengthens the plant's capacity to fight off diseases, withstand stress and develop more internal biomass for faster and more robust growth.
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Seed Enhancements

Crop potential starts with the seed. Protecting that seed and giving it a strong start will help every seed do its part to maximize yield. BASF offers a complete portfolio of industry-leading seed enhancements including breakthrough chemistry, biologicals, inoculants, coatings, and colorants to help growers get the most that every seed has to offer.
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Crop Solutions from BASF

Looking for resources to manage your crop from planning to harvest? Want answers on disease control or optimizing Plant Health benefits? Need label and safety guidelines for BASF Crop Protection products?
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Aerial Applicator

BASF helps aerial applicators stay aloft. We create chemistry to bring you more innovative products, including industry-leading fungicides like Headline AMP® fungicide. BASF proudly sponsors the NAAA scholarship program and Operation S.A.F.E. Fly-ins. We provide your business with the lift it needs to keep climbing.
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